Del. No Deliverable title WP No. Lead Partic. Del. Date Diss. Level Nature
D1.1 Requirements analysis & Use Cases WP1 MEDISP M3 RE R
D1.2 MARK1 Platform Design WP1 REALIZE M6 PU R
D2.1 Total Body Photography Map Generator WP2 EMERALD M12 PU P, R
D3.1 Total Body Photography Map Processor WP3 EMERALD M15 RE P,R
D4.1 MARK1 Decision Support WP4 MEDISP M18 RE P,R
D5.1 Technical Integration and Testing Plan WP5 UBITECH M19 CO R
D5.2 MARK1 Integrated Platform WP5 UBITECH M19 RE P
D6.1 Showcases Scope and Evaluation Methodology WP6 MPUOP M19 PU R
D6.2 Showcase demonstrator WP6 REALIZE M19 RE P,R
D6.3 Evaluation, Adoption Guidelines and Lessons Learnt WP6 MPUOP M21 PU R
D7.1 Dissemination Report WP7 EMERALD M21 PU R
D7.2 Market Analysis, IPR Model and Exploitation Plan v1.0 WP7 EMERALD M12 RE R
D7.3 Market Analysis, IPR Model and Exploitation Plan v2.0 WP7 EMERALD M21 RE R
D8.1 All Contractual Reports required WP8 REALIZE - RE R

MEDICAL IMAGE & SIGNAL PROCESSING Lab. Department of Biomedical Engineering – Τ.Ε.Ι. of Athens

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