MMR-IBTM: “Multi-channel Microwave Radiometry for Internal Body Temperature Measurements”

Microwave Thermograph (MT) concept is based on measurement of the electromagnetic field spontaneously emitted by a body in microwave frequency range. Microwaves allow penetration of few cm enabling internal human tissue temperature measurement. Recently, considerable amount of research and investigation has been focused on properties of malignant tumours related with the increase of temperature in cancerous cells. After thorough examination it has been found that temperature in cancer is more than one degree higher compared to healthy tissue. The present project involves research and development of MT apparatus, aiming to early detection of malignant tumours. The development of a non-invasive technique is proposed in this research programme, where the passive electromagnetic thermal radiation emitted from human body can be monitored using suitable microwave antenna, arranged in an appropriate configuration to cover the concerned area of the body. Microwave radiometry principles can be employed to retrieve sensor information from subcutaneous tissues up to a few centimetres in depth. The project integrates the skills and expertise of partners from separate science and technology areas, so as to produce a platform technology that will lead to the development of new detection and analytical tools for sub-tissue oncological imperfections. The proposed research will investigate electronics, materials, structures and processes that will enable the design and evaluation of non-invasive devices with the ability to detect early changes in subcutaneous tissues which can give rise to a serious condition, such as breast cancer. The proposal will also enable the strategic development of a raft of new sustainable technologies and products. Further, especially in this context is the fact that the approach proposed here is deemed completely harmless to the subject due to its passive nature. In the context of the present project, MEDISP will be responsible for: Research of Imaging Algorithms and mathematical modelling of human tissue.

Status: In Progress

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MEDICAL IMAGE & SIGNAL PROCESSING Lab. Department of Biomedical Engineering – Τ.Ε.Ι. of Athens

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